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- About LyeCha® -

In a mere 20 years, the ever increasing shift from traditional “High Street” shopping to the Online Marketplace has been nothing short of phenomenal, now a $1tn+/yr market globally and over $300bn/yr in the US alone.

With global eCommerce leaders such as Amazon and eBay leading the way, and thousands of other smaller, but still highly successful, Online Marketplaces such as Newegg and Etsy rising to prominence, you would think launching “Yet Another” Online Marketplace to be just more-of-the-same; not to mention 20 years late!

Recognising this predicament-with-huge-potential, we at LyeCha® decided to combine some of the best aspects of online technologies utilised by various eCommerce leaders, and add our own unique twist to the mix; reverse-auction

Whilst this online technology is not new (the most prominent example being FreshMarkets, a Business-to-Business procurement model that sold for $500m back in 2004), we are the first to implement this globally with a Consumer-Friendly model, and without it “Feeling” like an Auction; Shopping on LyeCha® is a familiar process to hundreds of millions of consumers around the globe!

And so, in 2020, LyeCha® (奶茶 – The Cantonese pronunciation of “Milk Tea”) was born alongside our Vision; bringing the Future of Online Shopping to consumers globally!

“Current online marketplaces favour the shareholders rather than the Merchants and Consumers; those of whom are directly responsible for the growth and success of any business. By going against the status quo, we provide both Higher Profits for our Merchants, and Higher Value to our Consumers. At LyeCha®, we are the new way to buy & sell; we are the Future of Online Shopping!”

Mike Yip – Founder & CEO, LyeCha® Technologies Ltd

  • 2020: Automotive Performance
  • 2021: Incar Audio
  • 2021: Personal Electronics
  • 2021: Mobile Phones & Accessories
  • 2021: Personal Computing
  • 2022: To be continued…