There is no denying, with the heavy decline of traditional brick-n-mortar outlets, and the rapid growth of online shopping (over 70% of general consumers now prefer to do their shopping online), the future of any retail business must incorporate an online presence into their business plan.

Until now though, establishing an online presence meant the following:

In todays digital age, establishing a website is a 100% necessity for any retail company. However, generating traffic to the website and then converting that traffic into sales is a whole other ball game!

This is normally the 2nd step (sometimes the 1st) for most retail companies, with Amazon and eBay generating tens of millions of dollars of sales on a daily basis. They certainly get the volume of traffic, but what does that mean for you? It means:

  • Increased competition, with No Guarantee of sales leads
  • Upwards of 10% commission for each and every sale
  • Ridiculous listing/subscription fees that you need to pay regardless of whether you sell anything or not!

Not only that, you need to spend valuable company time to list your products for sale (again, with No Guarantee of any sales leads)

  • What if there was a way to change all of that, with guaranteed sales leads and time saved to put back into what is important; growing your business?

By registering for your FREE LyeCha® Merchant Account, we Guarantee your company will receive sales leads or you don’t pay a dime!*

*Applicable to our Standard Merchant Account

No products to list, no expensive advertisements, no marketing strategies, no online stores to maintain. We bring the customers directly to you!

– LyeCha® Merchant Account Tier Table –

  • Standard
  • Ice
  • Boba
  • Yin Yang
Account Tier StandardIceBobaYin Yang
Account Tier
Suitable ForStartup Business'Small/Medium Business'WholesalersManufacturers
Retail Leads
Wholesale Leads
Maximum Offered Brands35
$10/mo each additional
$5/mo each additional
$5/mo each additional
Package Deals*135
Own-Brand Products*1 Brand
$50/mo each additional
Custom Web Portal*
Featured Products5
$50/mo each additional
Transaction Fee5.0% ($1 minimum)4.5% ($1 minimum)
> $50k/mo 4.0%
> $100k/mo 3.5%
4.5% ($1 minimum)
> $50k/mo 4.0%
> $100k/mo 3.5%
4.5% ($1 minimum)
> $50k/mo 4.0%
> $100k/mo 3.5%
Amazon & eBay Fees*
(exc. Listing Fees)
*as of Jan 2016
Based on $5k/mo sales
$500 in Fees
You Save upto $250!
Based on $20k/mo sales
$2000 in Fees
You Save upto $1100!
Based on $50k/mo sales
$3000 in Fees
You Save upto $3000!
Based on $100k/mo sales
$10,000 in Fees
You Save upto $6500!

The LyeCha® Standard Merchant Account is 100% Risk-Free, so what are you waiting for? Stop working For your business, and start working On your business NOW!

Select from our extensive catalogue of brand names that you wish to offer to your customers

Please Note: Only brands selected & offered by our Merchants are active in our Catalogue & Search Function. A full list of available brands can be viewed & selected after logging in to your merchant account

Sit back, relax and wait for sales leads to arrive in your LyeCha® Inbox

Submit your best offer and, if the customer accepts, wait for their payment to arrive (instantly via PayPal®) then process their order. If another LyeCha® Merchant provides a better offer, you will be notified and can then re-submit a better offer if desired.

All transaction fees are automatically deducted from the payment that you receive from the customer, so no more hassles with billing or accounts!

Use of the LyeCha® Standard Merchant Account is free of any subscription fees!

If you wish to subscribe to our higher Merchant Tiers, you may do so after registering for your Standard Account