Package Deals


Price aside, the #1 selling-point for any product is Value-for-Money. With countless merchants offering similar products, the only way to differentiate your company from the rest of them is to offer better Perceived Value to your customers. The easiest way of doing this is by offering Package Deals

By going down the traditional route of Heavily Discounting a product, your profit-margins take a Serious Dive. Instead of making a 30% profit-margin, you now only make a 10% profit-margin. For a $1000 item, that’s $200 less profit!

By bundling in high-margin “Accessory Items” with your product, not only do you NOT need to heavily discount your item (thus resulting in a larger profit-margin), the consumer is also better enticed by your offer (due to a greater Perceived Value)

All Package Deals are Merchant-Linked, which means only your company is eligible to make the sale on your particular Package Deal. Because of this, there are no back-and-forth offers from various merchants, hence purchases are Instant!

Package Deals can be custom-designed in the Graphics Editor of your choosing, then uploaded to your account. Once verified by our approvals team, it will be prominently listed on the LyeCha® Homepage. You can activate/deactivate the listing at anytime